Open heart surgery
Guaranteeing excellence in treatment with state-of-the-art technology
Around 70 hospitals (70 % of the market in the Russian Federation) have now been supplied by IMKO with medical technology and above all medical consumables for open heart surgery. IMKO has established a strong competitive edge on the Russian market with its expertise and experience in this field, and is rightly considered the market leader. The target for 2012 is to increase market penetration to over 80 %, in other words a total of around 78 hospitals. Services in this segment cover both cardiothoracic and cardiovascular surgery. The IMKO medical technology range includes heart-lung machines, autotransfusion and cooling/heating devices.

Alongside the technical and functional equipment, IMKO also supplies all necessary medical consumables such as catheters, cannulas, oxygenators and cardioplegia systems.

Since 2011, the company has been providing an even greater range of heart valve options for Russian heart surgeons and perfusionists.

The range includes both conventional mechanical valves and biological valves whose innovative technology allows minimally invasive transplants.

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